virtual corporate cooking class – have fun together

chef Edie Dourleijn, owner creative cook co, seasoned chef, cooking teacher and cooking coach


Look no further! Hanging out in the kitchen together is one of our favorite pastimes, and we love to invite you and your team to join us.

Even if it’s virtual!

Have a laugh, enjoy yourselves and have a great meal together.

We have it all explained below.

Consider the following our tried and tested concepts. But feel free to contact us to discuss what you have in mind.

Sensational Bowl quinoa grilled chicken- creative cook co recipe

60 minutes cooking class: Tickle your senses

Cook together a fun and easy meal that tickles all your senses: our so-called Sensational Bowl.

It’s colorful, full of flavor and of course very tasty. We have heard many times that participants are making these dishes over and over themselves. Try out our popular Sweet potato with pulled chicken bowl, Grilled skewers over quinoa, or the Smokey halibut over green lentils that is inspired by French cuisine.

<< Pictured: the quinoa bowl with grilled chicken skewers and pomegranate

virtual team building cooking class creative cook co recipe Chicken couscous and fennel salad

90 minutes cooking class: Cook up a meal

During our 90 minutes corporate cooking class we also could make a Sensational Bowl and have some more time to chat and mingle. Or opt for a bit more elaborate meal. Think of making a Seasonal risotto together, cross the Mediterranean Sea for a Moroccan meal with couscous, or get inspired by ingredients chef Edie grew up with. Just as someone in a review once described a:
Just exotic enough to feel like we were attempting a meal we wouldn’t normally cook, but simple enough that we could replicate on our own!

>> Pictured: Moroccan chicken with pearl couscous and fennel orange salad

creative cook-ie challenge

NEW! Book our 60 minute creative cook-ie challenge. We will all use the same basis recipe for a large chocolate chip style cookie, but everyone can get creative with what they have in their pantry for the add-ins. We can keep it a creative fun event, or make it into a competition and assign a winner.
Perfect if you want to keep it very simple and affordable, as most people won’t need to go out for flour, butter and sugar (or alternatives).

<Picture will come soon>

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We’re not only hosting corporate team bonding cooking classes just for fun, we also have developed a real team building experience that makes you become more aware of interpersonal communication and cooperation within your team. Or check out our suggestions on our corporate wellness week page, that go from a simple cooking demo to an interactive lecture on creativity in the kitchen.

We also cook (virtually) together with family and friends and host couple’s date night cooking classes.

If you are looking to become a more confident and creative cook yourself, book a private on-on-one cooking class, check out our cooking class calendar or maybe you like to have a few sessions with a cooking coach.