team building cooking class ~ bond over great food


Team building and other off-site events
~ that everybody loves to attend,
~ that are all about working and being together, and
~ conclude with a home-cooked sit-down meal;
those can only be found in a kitchen!

team building cooking class virtual creative cook co

At creative cook co we love organizing and hosting corporate cooking events, for team building cooking classes, off-sites, larger social gatherings or meaningful experiences like a corporate wellness activities. Just as long as they take place in a kitchen. 

New is our Cook up a cohesive team event, an unique and real team building cooking class, where personal and team development play a major role.

What do you want to get out of the kitchen with us, besides a good meal?

Mainly a fun time, please

Team bonding is key
Enjoy a great time in the kitchen with your team and colleagues. For a virtual team building cooking class, we suggest:

~ cooking together a fun meal, either a 60 or 90 minutes cooking class, or

~ do the Creative Cook-ie Challenge.

Here’s more info.

A more cohesive team

A real team building experience
Working together is all about proper planning and communication.

Together with an actual team building expert, we co-created a way to transpose this learning experience to the kitchen.

Develop your team!

Cook up a more cohesive team!

A learning experience

Corporate wellness cooking options
If you want to inspire your colleagues to cook more often while having fun, we can either:

~ host an hands-on cooking class,
~ set up a cooking demonstration,
~ have an interactive lecture, or
~ our unique creative cook challenge.

Here’s our suggestions.

Ready to plan your own corporate cooking class with us?

Fill out this form, and we will get back to you with our suggestions, and probably a few more questions. The more we know about you, the better we can help you create that perfect corporate cooking event that your team will rave about.

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location  We have several options for rental kitchens in San Diego and North County. From small and intimate to larger and more industrial spaces. We even can cook on a farm! Or have everyone bring their notebook into their kitchen for an online cooking class team building experience.

add-ons  Can be anything from pairing wine or beer, chef hats, aprons, customized recipe sheets and prizes for the competition.

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