sticky roasted leeks

Seven tips for more creativity in the kitchen and a recipe for Roasted sticky leeks.  

A blank page.

A blinking cursor.

That was what I was staring at for quite a while when I sat down for a previous blog post. I had no clue what to write about or what recipe to share.

But here it is!

It’s not that I didn’t eat that week. I really had cooked some nice meals. I had some fun encounters and conversations about food. I had taught some people a few cooking tricks, and learned some back too. I just didn’t see a story in them.
So I just sat there, behind my notebook.

Wondering where to find some inspiration.

I ended up finding it at my usual spot, my favorite place to be: the kitchen.

7 ways for more creativity in the kitchen.

In the kitchen it works best just to cook a lot. Like (almost) every day. Test as many different recipes as you can. Learn to master a few recipes so you get to understand them. Cook dishes from all over the world. Cook the dishes you grew up on. Follow the tips in recipes how to replace certain ingredients. Oh, and did I mention to cook a lot?

It basically comes down to ‘just’ (Yeah, I hear ya!) cook as much as possible. That way you train yourself and eventually learn to combine old elements into something new.

That’s exactly how these Roasted sticky leeks saw the light. I love to put leeks into the spotlight. Most of the times I braise them in some white wine, but it clicked when my eye fell on the oven. Let’s do the math:

I love leeks (old element) + I understand the technique of roasting (another old element) = Combined they’re Roasted sticky leeks, aka a new dish that I had never made before but definitely will make again.

Recipe Roasted Sticky leeks - LEEK -illustration and recipe by EDIE EATS by Edith Dourleijn -small

Roasted sticky leeks

Leeks usually are a hidden ingredient, tucked away with other ingredients. But is fun to bring it to the spotlight every now and then. When roasting, their sweet, fresh, earthy flavors appear and the juices that leek leak out give the leeks their sticky-ness.

Side for 2:
2-3 small leeks
3 T olive oil
salt + pepper

Preheat the oven to 400 F | 200 C. Line a rimmed sheet pan with parchment paper.

Clean the leeks; remove the roots, but make sure the leek layers are still attached. Cut off the sturdy 25% of the top of the leeks. Half the leeks lengthwise, but not all the way. Make sure they’re still attached at the bottom to keep them together. Now carefully, but thoroughly wash all sand out of the leeks. Now cut trough the root of the leeks, keep both halves more or less intact. Put the leeks on the sheet pan in one layer, cut side down.

Roast the leeks. Pour the olive oil over the leeks and sprinkle salt and pepper on top. Roast the leeks in the hot oven for 30 minutes, or until completely soft.

Serve the leeks without the outer 1 or 2 leaves. You’ll understand when you see them. You may also want to chop off the dried out top and the sturdy roots too.

Tip: Pour the sheet pan juices over the leeks.


Tell us below, how do you like your leeks?

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