A real team building cooking class ~ cook up a cohesive team

You recognize this?

~ the team is not as cooperative as you like it to be
~ sometimes there’s miscommunication that leads to larger problems
~ you miss working closely together and getting things done easily

You want …

… your team to get an energetic boost
… everyone to happily work together to a common goal/project
… everyone to get to work enthusiastically and motivated to give their best

Then you need this:

An unique real team building experience that makes you become more aware of interpersonal communication and cooperation within your team. All while playing with food and learning to be a bit more creative in the kitchen too.

A real team building cooking class

Working well together is all about proper planning and communication. Group dynamics can mess up what potentially could be a great project. We all have seen that happen.

We chefs know all about it. In a professional kitchen, everyone has their task and knows how to communicate before things get out of hand. Sometimes a bit heated, but we always make up after our shift has ended.

Together with a real team building expert we co-created a way to bring some of the kitchen dynamics into your team.

The best parts, of course. Not the shouting, not the rigid kitchen structures and definitely not the one-knows-all culture of some chefs. No, we’re talking the fun part. The creating, the planning, the growing and working together, knowing each other’s worth. And of course the great food.

Let’s cook up a more cohesive team!

What your team will gain

At every phase from concept to finishing a project, there are roadblocks, either external or within the team. And the success of your project(s) depends on how the team responds to these. During the Cook up a cohesive team event you and all team members will learn to recognize these processes and your own role in it. Awareness will help the team become more close knit and better at cooperating towards a common goal.

In short, this is a real team building cooking class experience with personal development elements for all team members, but in a fun setting and a great home cooked meal to end.

Who will you be cooking with?

chef Edie Dourleijn

chef Edie Dourleijn, owner creative cook co, seasoned chef, cooking teacher and cooking coach

Cooking coach and chef Edie Dourleijn, owner of creative cook co, is a seasoned cooking instructor. Immediately after finishing culinary school, she started to teach home cooks all the fun things she learned, focusing on coaching them having a great time in the kitchen.

Teaching virtual cooking classes thanks to covid-19 taught her that students love to learn to be more flexible with recipes, which became the starting point for this real team building cooking class. With only 3 main ingredients you can make quite a few different dishes, using various cooking techniques, condiments and flavorings.

We will play with this idea, and co-create a fun meal and a more cohesive team all in one.

Get to know Edie a bit better.

Jani Jackson

Jani Jackson with Develop your Team in cooperation with creative cook co for a real team building experience

Jani Jackson is the owner of Develop your Team and a real team building and personal development expert with over more than 20 years of experience in guiding teams and it’s individual members to get the best out of them.

<we will tell you a bit more soon>

How does it work?

During the Cook up a cohesive team event we will combine the fun of a corporate cooking class experience with the learning experience of working with a real team building expert.

You will start a new project together (aka your next meal!) and become aware of team dynamics while planning and executing it. You will write your own recipe for a fruitful project .. eh your lunch or dinner, then cook it to success.

What’s the difference with a ‘normal’ team building cooking class?

The difference with the more common team bonding style of corporate cooking classes (that we offer as well) is the personal development part for the team members involved. Instead of diving straight into the kitchen and have a great time cooking a meal together, we will take time for reflection. Our team building expert Jani Jackson will make you aware of group dynamics in communication and cooperation throughout the event. At every phase of the project (from planning to cooking your meal together) we will take time to reflect and discuss what you’ve learned.

Chef Edie will weigh in her culinary expertise and make sure you’ll enjoy a great meal, even if you’re all kitchen newbies!

A few more thoughts

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