in-home or virtual private cooking classes

If you want to play with food in the comfort of your own kitchen, with the class catered towards your needs, simply invite creative cook co into your kitchen. In person or virtual. Check out the following options to learn what’s possible.

creative cook co in-home private cooking classes San Diego

cooking party with family and friends

Expand the fun and have your entire family or friends play in the kitchen with you at a cooking class in your own home. We cook what you want to learn and together we prepare a great meal that you’re all gonna love. Host a fun cooking class in your own home.

couples cooking

Look no further for fun date night in your own kitchen. Our love menu is our biggest hit, but we can cook up any menu you want. You know this is the best gift for your significant other.

private customized cooking class

Whether there’s a skill you want to master, a dish you’ll love to discuss with a professional chef or simply to sharpen your knife skills in the private of your own kitchen: we’re here for you!

Help! I’m hosting a dinner party.

Have us come over to your kitchen for your test run. We can help you plan the menu, test-cook the recipes with you and teach you how to host your dinner party like a pro. You know it’ll be worth it!

something else?

Just send us an email with your thoughts and wishes and we’ll cook up something fun together. 

Follow the links for information for corporate events, team building, off-sites, corporate wellness demonstration or our cooking classes calendar.