Our recipe for a fun group cooking class


As adults, we hardly take time to enjoy ourselves just for the fun of it.

Cooking is one of those activities that allow us to take back the feeling of creating, getting (a bit) dirty and simply having a good time.

Especially when you share the experience and cook together.

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Our recipe for a great (virtual) group cooking class has the following ingredients:

chef Edie Dourleijn creative cook co virtual cooking class

Chef Edie

Driving force behind creative cook co is owner, cooking coach and chef Edie Dourleijn. With her energetic and enthusiastic style she gets everyone to cooking a great meal.

More than being a chef, Edie is an culinary entertainer, providing background information on the dish you’re cooking, tips and tricks, and, above all, making sure you all have a great time.

Get to know Edie a bit better.

How our clients describe Edie

“Edie does an amazing job creating a fun atmosphere”.

“We all raved how easy going and enjoyable [Edie’s] instruction style was, which made the class really relaxing and fun to be a part of!”

“Edie is so informative about cooking tips and tricks and demonstrated the recipes beautifully while sprinkling in some knowledge along the way”,

A true connection

Despite being a virtual cooking class, cooking together is fun and a great way to connect.

Whether you cook with co-workers, family or friends, Edie tags along with the vibe of the group.

Or she takes the lead in entertaining, regularly checking in with everyone and making sure no-one feels left behind.

Just what your group needs!

And you’ll feel it:

“Edie takes the time to get to know the dynamics of the group and adds the perfect amount of personality to the experience”.

“Edie was thoughtful to ensure no one got left behind and taught us several helpful tricks along the way”

“Edie conducted the class in a very fun and playful way, leaving room for questions, and making us feel part of it.”

“The Zoom class itself was full of laughter.”

thumbs up for a virtual corporate cooking class with creative cook co
virtual cooking classes with creative cook co are always fun and interactive

Hands on & interactive

Consider Edie your walking recipe and follow her guide to create a tasty dish together.

Edie loves to talk about food and cooking, so feel free to ask her any cooking question you have.

By cooking yourself, you’ll learn more and get a better grip on what recipes expect you to do.

But we also can do a demonstration only type of event, either live of pre-recorded, if you feel that’s best for your group!

And according to our clients:

“The instructions during the class were super helpful and helped to make the class really feel like real cooking and not only as adding ingredients to the plate.”

“She did a great job of keeping us on task”.

“Edie made it easy by adding simple tips and instructions and every one of us will take those with us to the kitchen many times.”

Delicious dishes

The best way to lure people into the kitchen is by offering appealing recipes. And Edie’s food, inspired by all countries around the Mediterranean Sea, really tickles all your senses.

Our dishes put vegetables in their starring roll, are colorful, filling and tasty. You will find yourself making them over and over again.

To make our cooking classes inclusive for all, our seasonal menus always have vegetarian, vegan, gluten and diary free suggestions.

Yum, yum, yum!

“We found Edie to have the best, and freshest, recipes.”

“Just exotic enough to feel like we were attempting a meal we wouldn’t normally cook, but simple enough that we could replicate on our own!”

“The taste and the textures combined perfectly”

“all of our meals turned out so delicious that we’re still talking about it a week later”.

delicious recipes and food at the cooking classes of creative cook co

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An impression

Have a look at this video for a short impression of a virtual cooking class with chef Edie.
<Note: Edie is a better chef and teacher than video editor 😉 >

Who do you want to cook with?