Organize your private group online cooking class with creative cook co.

about creative cook co

who are you?

Creative cook co is founded by Edie Dourleijn, a native Dutch. She considers the kitchen her playground and invites everybody to come play with food. As a curious omnivore and seasoned cooking instructor, Edie knows how to make the kitchen a safe and fun environment for everybody.
For larger in-person cooking classes for groups, Edie hires chefs from her network to join her in the kitchen. For her virtual cooking classes, Edie is your chef!

what do you do?

Creative cook co offers all kinds of cooking classes. During the covid-19 pandemic we come to your kitchen virtually with our online cooking classes for groups or check out our ongoing online cooking class course that you can sign up for individually.

When we don’t have to worry about social distancing too much any more, we offer our classes all over San Diego county (or you can fly me in to wherever you live!). From intimate private classes to larger team building events.
Have a look at our:
* team building / corporate event page
* for smaller / private parties we have different options you can choose from
* and if there’s something you want to learn from a professional chef, we’ll come to your kitchen and cook it with you too.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we switched to online cooking classes for all kinds of groups. Please check our special page for the latest updates, or just email us for more info.

create your own private or corporate online cooking class

what type of online cooking classes do you offer?

We offer both virtual cooking classes for groups using Zoom as well as online cooking classes for which you can sign up individually.

Our online group cooking classes are fully customized for your company or to celebrate and have fun with your family and friends.

For corporate and team building events, we are suggesting:
* a 60 or 90 minutes virtual cooking class for team bonding
* our unique real team building cooking class: cook up a cohesive team
* spice up your corporate wellness event with an inspirational lecture on creative cooking (or see our other suggestions)

For couples, family and friends:
* cook together apart, and have fun in the kitchen with chef Edie
* a one-on-one cooking session with chef Edie if you want to ask a chef all your cooking questions

Other options are:
* virtual cooking demonstration, 60 minutes or less – all group sizes
* a gift card when you want to gift a cooking class, but are not sure what they’d like to cook

How much does a group online cooking class costs?

Our prices for corporate and private virtual cooking classes vary per class type and depend on the length of the event and number of participants. Just email Edie to inquire.

how does it work? how can I book an online cooking class for a private or corporate party?

planning Start with sending Edie an email with your thoughts, questions, and wishes about your virtual cooking class. You tell us who you will be cooking with (colleagues, family, friends, etc), how big the group will be, on what preferred date and what your budget is. We will get back to you, via email or phone, to discuss the possibilities.

the menu To make the cooking experience fun and inclusive for all, we’ve created a few fun and seasonal menu options for you to choose from. These are great for corporate groups with various dietary restrictions. Or tell us what you like to cook and we create a custom menu for you.

get ready Next step is to secure the date and time by making the payment (credit card via Square, an invoice or Zelle). You’ll receive an extensive and neatly organized grocery list for easier shopping, including suggestions for alternatives so everyone can cook along. Or inquire about our possibilities to have the groceries delivered. We will send you a Zoom invite or use the system you prefer.

the event itself At the agreed time we all log in, and after introducing ourselves and the menu, we will cook together. The chef makes sure everyone is comfortable, can follow along and has a great time. You can ask the chef all the cooking questions you have and you’ll end up with a great meal.
Unfortunately, we can’t offer dish washing…

what do we cook?

You decide! You can choose from our tried and tested menu options that are inclusive to most dietary restrictions, or you let us know what you like to cook and we can go from there.

help! I have people in my group who are vegan, gluten-free, dairy free and paleo!

No worries, we strive to make our virtual cooking classes inclusive to all! We will come up with a menu that all can enjoy, or provide suggestions to change the dish to cater to the various dietary restrictions. But we will always make sure everyone cooks a great dinner and has an awesome time in the kitchen with us.

how do we collect the ingredients?

That’s up to you! Most people opt for receiving our extensive grocery list with suggestions for alternatives for ingredients that you already might have in your pantry, in case of non-availability or dietary restrictions.
If you have the zip codes of all participants, we can check if delivery is possible. For a small fee per person, we will make sure everyone receives all ingredients timely on their door mat using Instacart.

what if I don’t have all ingredients?

We will provide an extensive grocery list with suggestions for alternatives that you might already have in your pantry (so you don’t have to buy something that you might not be using after the class), in case of non-availability or dietary restrictions. And if it still happens you miss something, we will work it out. Pinky promise!

I don’t have a fancy kitchen, can I still cook with you?

Yes, of course! Chef Edie also doesn’t have an all white design kitchen (one can dream, right?). As long as you have a stove and some space, you can cook along.

what if I don’t have any fancy cooking tools?

That’s also not a problem. As long as you can chop, heat and stir, you’ll be fine. We’ve even organized a private cooking event for people with only a microwave and had great fun! Our motto for any private online cooking party is: we’ll make it work! And we will live up to that promise.

I am not sure how to position my screen?

Don’t worry about that. As long as you can see the chef, you’ll be fine. It would be great if you could bring your screen to the pan or the other way around if you have a question, but most of the time we don’t need to see all that you do! So yes, you can lick your spoon safely. šŸ˜‰

about our public online cooking classes & events

If you don’t have friends that like to cook, or can’t convince your boss it’ll be a fun way to fight your Zoom fatigue, sign up for one of our online cooking classes that host a wide variety of subjects. Check our online cooking classes calendar here.

how much does an online cooking class costs?

Our public online cooking classes have fixed prices, but we always offer discounts to your mailing list subscribers. Join the list here!

about our in-person cooking classes & events

where’s your kitchen?

During the covid-19 pandemic, we will invite you virtually in our (home)kitchen and have you cook along in your own practicing social distancing.

When it’s safe for all to gather in person again:
For smaller, private in-person events and classes, we will come to your (home) kitchen.
For bigger team building cooking classes we have a network of kitchens in San Diego county that we can rent. From small and personal, to professional chef’s kitchens full stainless steel. We even can cook together on a farm.

If you’re outside San Diego county and want to work with us: just send us an email to discuss the details.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we switched to online cooking classes for all kinds of groups. Please check our special page for the latest updates, or just email us for more info.

what do we cook?

What you want to eat! šŸ˜‰
We love to cook with seasonal products, organic meat and dairy and enjoy giving vegetables the starring role. We consider ourselves curious omnivores and love to explore new cuisines.
Have a look at our seasonal menu example page to mix and match and personalize your menu.

Did you know, we also post recipes and tell stories about our class on our blog?

how about dietary restrictions?

If we know them in advance, we always will accommodate, whether you or people in your party are vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy free or have other restrictions. We will always check-in with you about dietary wishes during the booking process.
[Since we don’t own the kitchens we cook in, make sure to notify us in advance, so we don’t have to improvise last minute and therefor can’t guarantee a satisfying substitution.]
Note: Although we can leave them out of our menu, we can not guarantee that certain allergens (like gluten, wheat, nuts) were not used in the (rental) kitchen before.

how much do the cooking classes cost?

That totally depends on your wishes and the type of class or event. Have a look at what we offer and see what the starting price is.
Depending on the menu and add-ons like wine/beer paring, the location, etc, a surcharge will be added. This way you have full control over the price.

If you have any requests or suggestions for our classes, don’t hesitate to email us and we can put your ideas to work.

other questions

do you offer public cooking classes?

Yes, we are planning to! Check out our cooking classes program here! For now, they’re virtual only.
Tip: Sign up for our mailing list to be the first to get all the details.

do you offer free cooking classes?

Sorry, we don’t. We also need to pay our rent, food and health insurance.
If you want to cooperate for a fund raising, send us an email to explain what you’re looking for.

how can we pay?

You can pay cash, with a check or use Zelle. We accept credit card payments through Square.

do you offer private chef or catering services?

The short answer: no. We simply prefer to cook with you, instead of for you.
If you’re looking for a private chef or caterer for a party or on a regular basis to cook dinner for you, we might have someone available within our network. Email us to inquire.

what’s your fine print?

You can read the fine print here.

how can I stay in touch?

You can sign up for our mailing list or follow us on Instagram.

I have another question

Just send us an email and we’ll do our best to answer it.