Learn essential cooking skills

Learn to cook without recipes!

For everyone who:

  • is bored by cooking the same meals over and over,
  • wants to peek in their fridge and knows what to cook,
  • struggles with understanding the cooking lingo, or
  • wants to understand what is going on in their pots and pans.

Get ready to really learn to cook!

Learn essential cooking skills, and gain confidence and creativity that you can apply to your daily cooking.

Do you want to become a better cook?

What are these classes about?

Every class will be a 1 subject class.

Instead of following a recipe (everyone else is already doing that!), we will focus on 1 theme. Each class a new one.

This way we can dive deep and help you understand what the technique, the method, the dish or the ingredient is all about.

All the classes are live, interactive, hands-on, and virtual so you learn to cook without recipes in your own kitchen with your own tools.

For who are these classes?

Everyone who wants to become a better cook can join.

It helps if you have some cooking experience, but we strive to make the classes open for curious beginners too.

How does it make you a better cook:

👩‍🍳 After each class you really understand the subject to a level no one has ever it explained to you.

👩‍🍳 You will understand cooking techniques, connect the dots between various cooking concepts, and learn how you easily can substitute ingredients.

👩‍🍳 In the class you will learn to experiment and improvise while in the safe hands of chef Edie.

👩‍🍳 The classes are live and interactive, so you can ask chef Edie all the questions you have.

👩‍🍳 You will also learn and get inspiration from your fellow students, and what ingredients they are using during class.

👩‍🍳 In short, you’ll really learn to cook (without recipes)!

What our students learned

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It’s time to really learn to cook

To become a more confident and creative cook, we’ll guide you back to the basics. Learn what to do and why.
We will dive in, in three different ways:

cooking technique classes

Cooking techniques

Get to know the main cooking techniques and essential concepts. It will help you understand what you are doing, and why.
* Knife skills
* NEW: The Cooking Techniques explained – 2 class series!
* Techniques like Boil, Sauté, Roast.
* Concepts like roux, making stock, pan sauce, roast a whole chicken, pureed soups

The anatomy of a dish

Every dish can be described in 1 sentence. That’s the base of a concept dish, everything else you can play with. Here’s an example how we do that.
From the menu:
* Dutch stamppot
* Vinaigrette & dressings
* Braised chicken
* Pilaf (one pan rice dish)
* Minestrone (thick Italian soup)

Ingredients in the spotlight

Learn what you can do with your ingredients, one at the time. What techniques can you use and how does that affect the taste?
On our list are:
* Veggies like Carrots, Fennel, Leeks, Potatoes
* Condiments like miso and mustard
+ Fun skills, like making pasta by hand or potstickers from scratch.

NEW CLASS: The cooking techniques explained!

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Learn to cook without recipes classes calendar

Check out our unique 1 subject class in the Learn to cook without recipes series. The classes are centered around 1 theme, instead of following a recipe together. If you miss(ed) a class, get in touch using the form below.

datenameclass infosign up
you chooseCooking techniques explainedGet a bird’s eye overview of all the main cooking techniques and how to use them in your daily cooking. ~ Unique 2 class series! ~ sign up
Knife skillsAn essential skill for all home cooks. Learn how to hold, treat and use your chef’s knife.
One pot braised chickenLearn how not to make 1, 2 but countless braised chicken dishes. Learn the concept, cook your own variations.
Handmade pastaMaking pasta from scratch is not a life saving skill, but it is fun to learn how you make it. All by hand!
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About your chef

This class will be taught by chef Edie Dourleijn, once a picky eater who couldn’t cook.

She documented her path to eating and cooking everything as one of the first food bloggers of her home country The Netherlands (in 2006!). To learn more quickly, she looked around for classes that would help her understand what is going on in her pots and pans, but they didn’t exist. Eventually, she ended up at culinary school.

Now chef Edie teaches her Learn to cook without recipes classes for curious cooks who want to become free of recipes. Just like she once was.

Edie also hosts all kinds of entertaining and educational virtual cooking classes to celebrate any occasion with family or friends, or as a (realteam building, receiving 5 star reviews.

Get in touch with any questions or requests you have.

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Do you want to cook with chef Edie privately? That’s possible too. Send her an email (info@creativecookco.com) and let her know what you’d like to learn. We will plan a date and cook what you want to learn. You can pick one of the cooking classes we have done before, but it’ll probably more fun if you tell us what you’d like to learn. From one-on-one classes to virtual team building events with larger groups, all is possible.