Learn to cook without recipes classes

Do you …

… struggle with inspiration what to cook every night?
… love to learn to cook with what you have in your fridge?
… waste a lot of food because you don’t know what else you can do with the ingredients?
… really, really, really want to learn to cook?

Then you want to learn to cook without recipes!


Every Monday evening, chef Edie hosts new and unique Learn to cook without recipes classes. They are centered around 1 theme, instead of following a recipe together.

chef Edie Dourleijn, owner creative cook co, seasoned chef, cooking teacher and cooking coach - teaches you how to cook without recipes

Learn to cook without recipes classes

What are these classes about?

Every class will be a 1 subject class.

Instead of following a recipe (everyone else is already doing that!), we will focus on 1 theme. Each class a new one.

This way we can dive deep and help you understand what the technique, the method, the dish or the ingredient is all about.

All the classes are live, interactive, hands-on, and virtual so you learn to cook without recipes in your own kitchen with your own tools.

For who are these classes?

Everyone who wants to learn to cook without recipes can join.

It helps if you have some cooking experience, but we strive to make the classes open for curious beginners too.

You can sign up for 1 class only, or get a monthly subscription and join us every Monday evening (coming soon).

How does it make you a better cook:

👩‍🍳 After each class you really understand the subject to a level no one has ever it explained to you.

👩‍🍳 You will understand cooking techniques, connect the dots between various cooking tips, and learn how you easily can substitute ingredients.

👩‍🍳 In the class you will learn to improvise while in the safe hands of chef Edie, who once was a struggling home cook herself.

👩‍🍳 You will also learn and get inspiration from your fellow students, and what ingredients they are using during class.

👩‍🍳 The classes are live, so you can ask chef Edie all the questions you have.

👩‍🍳 You can watch back each class for 6 days and will receive an in-depth worksheet about the subject for future reference.

👩‍🍳 In short, you’ll become free of other people’s recipes!

What students say

Upcoming Learn to cook without recipes classes

dateclass infosign up here
Nov 14Cook a whole birdGet ready for Thanksgiving and learn to cook a whole birdsign up
Nov 28Shortcut stockSave your turkey bones and learn how to make stock of them!sign up
Dec 5Dutch food: stamppot~ FREE ~ Stamppot is like an empty canvas, that you can color any way you like.sign up
Dec 12Pureed soupsCook, puree, season. That’s really it. Learn to make your own pureed soups!sign up

* Please sign up Sundays 3pm PT at the latest, so we can send you the grocery list timely.

* 1 link per signup/screen (but yes, you can gather with more people in one kitchen)
* When signing up, we assume you’ve read our terms and conditions

4 types of classes

If you want to learn to cook without recipes (see here why you want to), you have to – I think – understand the main cooking techniques, know what you can do with your ingredients, learn about the culinary background of the dishes you cook, and be able to connect the dots between them – while keep on tasting while you cook!

To help you understand what you can expect, here are the 4 main themes for the classes. Some classes will fit perfectly in 1 theme, while others can fit multiple categories. But just to give you an idea.
(Click on the + to read more.)

More questions and answers

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Your own private cooking class?

Do you want to cook with chef Edie privately? That’s possible too. Send her an email (info@creativecookco.com) and let her know what you’d like to learn. We will plan a date and cook what you want to learn. You can pick one of the cooking classes we have done before, but it’ll probably more fun if you tell us what you’d like to learn. From one-on-one classes to virtual team building events with larger groups, all is possible.

Past classes

You can’t sign up for them anymore, but we kept them on this page as they might inspire you for your private cooking party, or you can request for them to make a come back using the form above.

Each class comes with an extensive worksheet with all info we’ve shared in the class, and some more. You can get those without attending the class through the links below.

Our 2022 classes & worksheets
* Knife skills class info ~ buy the worksheet Size does matter
* Cook a whole bird info ~ buy the worksheet A bird is a bird
* Make your own stock info ~ buy the worksheet All about stock and broth (focus on shortcut chicken stock)
* Dutch food: stamppot ~ buy the worksheet Mash it, baby!
* Pureed soups – buy the worksheet Pureed soups