Help, I’m hosting a dinner party!

Having people over for a dinner party is a lot of fun, but also time-consuming and stressful. But do not worry, we’re here to help!

how does this work?

As experienced chefs, we know how to prepare ourselves for a challenge. Depending on your experience and needs we offer different solutions.

a recipe check We will look over the recipes and dishes you want to cook and give you tips on how to prepare them for your dinner party. We explain how to prepare your dishes,  just like restaurants do.
This will allow you to spend time with your guests and not be in the kitchen all the time. The menu and recipe check can be done online, with a phone consult if requested.

a test run To take away all your worries, you’ll need a test run. We come to your house for a 2-hour cooking session where we will cook some or all the dishes in small quantities with you. We teach you what part of your dish/menu you can prepare in advance and how to finish them while you’re guests are sitting and sipping at your table.
Note We won’t cook the full menu for the number of guests you are expecting. The test run is only to show you how to make, prepare and finish the dishes in advance.

the full package We help you create the menu that your guests will rave about. Then we do a 2-hour test run in your kitchen and give you all the tips to host your dinner party in the most relaxing way. Yes, that is possible!

costs Depending on your needs and menu, we will create a personalized quote.

Send us an email to discuss your needs, your wishes and how we can help you organize the most fun dinner party you ever hosted!
Please contact us at least 2 weeks in advance of your dinner party to allow some prep time.