example menu

We love to cook with seasonal products, organic meat and dairy and enjoy giving vegetables the starring role. We consider ourselves curious omnivores and love to explore new cuisines.

Mix and match your own menu, picking from the following options.

spring/summer 2021

coming soon

fall/winter 2019/2020


  • seasonal bruschetta
  • little beet tarts with goat cheese and thyme
  • endive boats with pear and blue cheese

first course

  • grilled winter veggies salad
  • pumpkin spice soup
  • sloppy fennel tarts

main course

  • braised Moroccan chicken thighs over couscous and roasted carrots
  • wild mushroom risotto with bacon and Parmesan chips
  • 5-spice pork chops with sweet potato puree and spinach orange salad


  • Italian fig cake with mascarpone
  • poached pears in mulled white wine, served with vanilla ice cream
  • almond orange cake with cardamom syrup

dietary restrictions

In case of dietary restrictions, we will accommodate them, whether you or people in your party are vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy free or have other restrictions. We will always check-in with you about dietary wishes during the booking process and tell you what subs we have in mind.

Since we don’t own the kitchens we cook in, make sure to notify us in advance about any restrictions/wishes. This way we don’t have to improvise last minute and therefor can’t guarantee a satisfying substitution.

Note: Although we can leave them out of our menu, we can not guarantee that certain allergens (like gluten, wheat, nuts) were not used in the (rental) kitchen before.

I want something else

That’s great! Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll go from there.

Not sure what you want? Have a look at our blog for examples of other dishes we like to make.