corporate wellness cooking class ~ a culinary learning experience

chef Edie Dourleijn, owner creative cook co, seasoned chef, cooking teacher and cooking coach


Do you
… want to inspire your co-workers to cook more often?
… encourage the team to cook more healthy, vegetable based dishes?
… have your colleagues learn a lifelong kitchen skill?
… simply want to bond over good food?


Options for a meaningful corporate wellness cooking class

For a meaningful and purposeful cooking class, look no further. Chef Edie knows how to combine fun and education for your next corporate wellness day/week/program.

Consider these our tried and tested suggestions. But don’t hesitate to share other thoughts you have, and fill out the form below to discuss what’s possible.

Interactive corporate wellness cooking class ~ hands-on

Have us teach your company how to cook a great meal, with vegetables in the starring role they deserve. During this live and interactive cooking class, we all cook virtually together a meal that you will make over and over again. Or opt for a real learning experience and let us teach us your co-workers a lifelong kitchen skill. Cooking along is the most fun, but just watching is fine too!
~ 60 or 90 minutes

Corporate wellness cooking demo

For the more camera shy folks, or a shorter event, we can also demonstrate a cooking technique or a great dish. This could be either a live and interactive cooking class, or a pre-recorded webinar type of cooking class.
~ length depending on dish and type of cooking class

Become a more creative cook ~ interactive lecture

Have chef Edie inspire everyone to play with their food, and cook more often. During this live and interactive virtual talk, everyone will be encouraged to find their inner creative cook.
~ about 1 hour

For a longer lasting result, add on our 5-week creative cook challenge, with fun and engaging cooking challenges to bring more creativity into your kitchens, and a longer lasting result.

Learn to improvise in the kitchen and cook without a recipe ~ no cook class

When there are millions of recipes out there, it’s hard to choose which one to pick and cook. In this interactive lecture you and your co-workers will learn to make recipes your own, depending on what you like, what you have in your pantry and fridge, and adjusted to your dietary preferences. Chef Edie created a fun exercise to teach you how you can adjust a recipe and learn to improvise more in the kitchen.
~ about 1 hour
~ or 2 hours, if you want to cook the dish too

Of course, a mix of these elements is possible too.

Why cooking with chef Edie?

Chef Edie is being praised for combining fun, education and creating connections while cooking [virtually] together. Or in the words of people that have cooked with us:

Read all our reviews here.

Incorporate us in your corporate wellness program

Fill out this form below, tell us what you’re thinking of and we help you create a meaningful culinary experience that all your colleagues will talk about long after.

Please note, we are currently only offering our virtual corporate cooking classes. In a world of regularly changing covid-19 related recommendations and guidelines by rental kitchens/the city/county/state and the CDC we are still a bit hesitant planning ahead mask-less in-person team building cooking events for larger groups. This message will disappear when we feel confident that we all can safely gather in-person in one kitchen again.

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