Find your fun in learning to cook (back)

As a cooking coach, I like to use the S-curve of learning to help you understand where and why you can get stuck when learning to cook. Beginner or more experienced home cook alike.

If you’re reading this, I know one thing: you are curious and want to learn to cook. You know all the reasons you want (should?) cook your own meals and you are invested in it. But now you’re here. I also might be correct that you are feeling stuck, or know someone who is?

If you are a beginning cook, you may feel overwhelmed and intimidated by cooking. There are so many recipes out there; which one to choose? Cooking is not just preparing your meal. Cooking is a lot: from deciding what to cook, collecting all ingredients, the actual cooking, to knowing what to do when something doesn’t go as planned. All those ingredients, cooking lingo that you’re unsure of, what tools to use. You want to learn to cook but where to start?

Or you already cook often, a few times a week, maybe almost every day. But there’s this dread. What to cook for dinner tonight? Your standard repertoire feels boring. If you miss an ingredient of that one recipe you wanted to try out, you’ll give up and order take-out. You really want to spice up your cooking. Be the kind of cook who can confidently whip up a meal, learn to read recipes as an inspiration, not a strict rule book. But how do you become a creative cook like this?

Learning a new skill takes time and effort. In the beginning you might feel enthusiastic and overwhelmed at the same time. There’s so much to learn, but where to start? Once you’ve kicked off this part, learning (to cook) becomes fun and exciting. Until you hit a plateau again and feel you don’t learn as fast as you did before.

You are not alone!

This process is summarized as the S-curve of learning. It explains where you can get stuck when learning a new skill, like cooking. Depending on where in your journey of learning to cook you got stuck, there are ways to get you going again.

~~ Read my interpretation of this theorem here – with examples where I got stuck when trying to learn a new skill. ~~

How can I help you find cooking fun (again)?

If you decide to take the jump and want to improve your cooking, I can help.

Together, we figure out where on the S-curve you are: at the beginning or at a plateau. We talk about what cook you want to be and figure out which strategies you can apply to help you get there. Some people are helped with a few sessions that answer all their cooking questions. Others want to work on a system to help them meal plan or work on other ways to keep cooking exciting and fun.

Everyone can find their fun in cooking. Sometimes you just can use a little help.


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