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A new and unique way to help you become a more confident and creative cook is with our cooking coach service. For any level, cooking coach and chef Edie can help and guide you find your way in the kitchen.

It can be quite the journey to becoming more confident and creative in the kitchen. We know all about that!

Hallo, I’m Edie and I was a super picky eater that couldn’t cook. Now I coach people who want to make cooking a more important part of their life.

After I left home for college, I felt I had to cook every night. But where to start? What to make for just me, a poor student? How to plan my meals around classes and my job? Luckily, I quickly learned that I liked this thing called cooking, creating something from scratch after a day with my nose in the books. So I kept on trying and cooking. But I saw many of my friends struggle, blaming themselves for not cooking and eating “properly”.

It took me a long time, but now I am the cook I always aspired to be: someone who doesn’t need recipes anymore, could peek into the fridge and make dinner, creative with what I have, trying not to waste.

I got there, and now I help you get here too!

chef and cooking coach Edie

I know cooking can be tough.

It’s not just preparing your meal. Cooking is everything from deciding what to cook, collecting all ingredients, the actual cooking, to knowing what to do when something doesn’t go as planned.

Together we will figure out where you struggle most and how you can make it easier for yourself.

For who?

Cooking coach and chef, Edie Dourleijn, can help anyone who wants to make a lifelong change to spend more quality time in their kitchen. Healthy and good tasting homemade food is not only cheaper, the kitchen is also the place to create lifelong memories that your family will cherish. 

Whether you want to
👩‍🍳 get some help and encouragement to start cooking or eating better,
👩‍🍳 become more confident and learn to understand recipes and what is going on in your pots and pans, or
👩‍🍳 want learn to fly solo from recipes and get your inspiration from your what’s in your pantry,
we can help you become the cook you want to be.

Our 4 week programs

Become the cook you want to be

This is for you if you struggle with giving cooking a more important role in your life. We will figure out who the new you is like, and give you the tools to become them.

What’s for dinner – Meal planning program

This is for you if you know where you struggle: Deciding what’s for dinner tonight. We will discuss and test out all kinds of meal planning systems to find the one that works best for you.

(or plan your 4 sessions every other week, month of whenever suits you best)

How does hiring a cooking coach work?

1. Start with filling out the form below so we can plan your (free) intake and discuss how we can help you become the cook you want to be.

2. Then we decide if one of our unique 4-week programs is for you, or if we can help you in another way. Together we will define your struggles and we help you create a plan to make that change. Create new routines, learn our meal planning tricks, (maybe even) fall (back) in love with cooking, all is possible.

3. You can become the cook you want to be!

Tell me, what can I help you with?

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Edie’s cooking philosophy

As a beginner cook, I always thought I’d better figure it all out myself. And I did! From a picky eater who couldn’t cook, I’m now a curious veggie loving omnivore who coaches you to become a more confident and creative cook too. It took a few years though, as by simply following recipes you don’t learn as quickly as I would have liked.

To help you, I post articles on the blog about all things related to learning to cook. Aimed to help you understand this thing called cooking, and explaining why I teach my cooking classes the way I do. And there’s a special section in which I take a more philosophical approach into cooking. But with tips and actionable exercises.

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