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Welcome at creative cook co‘s online cooking class calendar. We will help you become a confident and creative cook. Our classes are virtual, live, interactive and a ton of fun.

Technique & Taste cooking course – coming soon

Soon, we will be starting with our unique, hop on hop off, Technique & Taste cooking course. In this ongoing series of virtual cooking classes, chef Edie will teach you all she knows about cooking in a very unique way.

Do you really want to learn how to cook?

Become more creative in the kitchen? Cooking from scratch, using other people’s recipes merely as an inspiration?

Understand what you are doing while stirring in your pots and pans?

Then this is for you!

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This is what you can expect

Every class, we will focus on 1 theme. That could be a cooking technique, an essential, an ingredient, or that could be a dish. You can sign up for 1 class only, or get a monthly subscription and join us every week.

Masterclass: Cooking techniques

During the masterclasses we focus on 1 cooking technique, or combine cooking techniques that are closely related. From knife skills and grilling to roasting, sous-vide and fermenting, you will understand what the technique is all about, what ingredients you can use it for, and how it affects the taste of your food. Hone your skills.
* knife skills
* boiling, blanching & poaching
* sautéing vs frying
* braising and stewing
* the basics of fermenting

Workshop: The essentials

In-depth exploration and connecting the dots. A lot in cooking is related. For instance, if you understand how (and why) to make a roux, you’ll understand why to save some of your pasta water makes sense. Or we focus on 1 classic dish or element and show you how to own it (think risotto and making stock). Connect the dots!
Examples are:
* making stock
* puréed soups
* pan sauces
* what’s up with roux
* cooking risotto

Ingredients in the spotlight

In these inspirational cooking classes we will put 1 ingredient in the spotlight. That could be anything, from a vegetable or fruit, a condiment to a meat cut or a specific fish. If possible, we will make the condiments (mayonnaise, mustard, etc), then get creative with them. Get creative and find more inspiration.
* vegetables like beets, fennel, kale, etc
* condiments, like mustard, soy sauce, mayonnaise
* never boring chicken again, pork chops, big meats
* how to cook fish, all about shrimp, etc

The anatomy of a dish

Deep dive on a dish If there are dishes that you really want to learn to master, these cooking classes are for you. We will talk about the origin and traditional way to make it, but also how to adjust it to the ingredients you already have or that suits your dietary preferences. And yes, you can suggest what dishes to put on the calendar! Master that dish!
Think of dishes like:
* okonimiyaki, the Japanese pancake
* paella
* jambalaya
* gumbo


* 1 link per signup/screen (but yes, you can gather with more people in one kitchen)
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Your own private cooking class?

Do you want to cook with chef Edie privately? That’s possible too. Send her an email ( and let her know what you’d like to learn. We will plan a date and cook what you want to learn. You can pick one of the cooking classes we have done before, but it’ll probably more fun if you tell us what you’d like to learn.

Past classes

You can’t sign up for them anymore, but we kept them on this page as they might inspire you for your private cooking party, or you can request for them to make a come back using the form above.

6/4/21 cooking class ~ essential oils (live, virtual)

Did you know you can cook with essential oils? In this live virtual cooking class we will explained what essential oils are, what essential oils you can cook with, and how to use them in your cooking.
For this cooking class, we teamed up with Donna Weber from Anoint for Wellness for this sun filled Summer cooking class. She will teach you why essential oils are .. well, essential. Everyone who signs up, will receive samples of the 2 essential oils we will be cooking with.

A Summer picnic – the menu
* Cocktail – a real lemon drop
* Quick cucumber shots
* Grilled chicken/halloumi skewers
* Bruschetta with asparagus and artichoke
* Marinated olives