Learn to cook without recipes cookbooks

Every Learn to cook without recipes class will come with a complimentary e-cookbook about the subject. But you can also buy these single subject cookbooks without attending a class. Below you can find the list with all the Learn to cook without recipes cookbooks that are available.

Size does matterOur extensive e-cookbook on Knife skills. You’ll read all about what knives you need, how to choose a good chef’s knife how to keep it sharp. And how to use it, of course. [19 pages]get it here
Roast a whole birdCooking a whole bird comes with the challenge of having both breasts and legs cooked perfectly at the same time. We will list all the methods cooks have tried, and teach you all about our favorite way. [20 pages]get it here
Make your own stockMaking stock is not difficult, but there are a few things you will want to take into account. Or not! After reading this, you can decide for yourself! [27 pages]get it here
Mash it, baby!The pride of the Dutch: stamppot. A dish with mashed potatoes and another vegetable (or more). This ebook will teach you it’s history and how you can use this concept and create your own dishes. Including tips to add protein to make it a full meal. [18 pages] get it here
Pureed soups can be seen as a canvas dish: once you understand the anatomy of them, know what elements are essential and which you can play with, you can turn any bulky vegetable into a pureed soup. [15 pages]get it here
Boil, blanch and poachCooking technique e-book: cook in water. Why, how, which ingredients, you’ll never have to wonder anymore. [21 pages]get it here
Vinaigrettes & dressingsInfinite inspiration: If you really want to learn to cook without recipes, start with dressings and vinaigrettes. They’re easy, quick and always tasty. [11 pages]get it here
Make your own pastaLearn to make your own pasta and what the effect is of using a different flour, water or eggs.pre-order
CarrotsOur fav veggie! Great as a snack while working behind a screen, but so much more versatile. In this digital cookbook you learn about all the ways you can cook carrots and what other ingredients will be great to combine them with. get it here
Braised chickenEvery culinary culture has at least 1 dish of braised chicken they are famous for. How different they may seen, in essence they are all the same. Learn all about braised chicken dishes. pre-order
Sauté & FryCooking technique e-book: cook in your skillet. Why, how, which ingredients, you’ll never have to wonder anymore.pre-order
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