father’s day cooking class

update: It’s not possible to sign up for the Father’s Day Grillin’ it cooking class, anymore.
If you want to create a fun private or corporate cooking class, send us an email at events@creativecookco.com and we help you create a memorable class for any celebration or any other get-together.

After a successful round of virtual Mother’s Day cooking classes, we have now 2 options available for a fun Father’s Day gift. Book him a online Father’s Day cooking class!

For a fun Father’s Day gift for a food loving dad, we have the following options:

* private virtual cooking class

If dad loves to cook, why don’t you give him a private virtual cooking class? We can cook the food he likes to learn more about, and you can invite as many other people as you like to cook along with him.

As with our regular private online cooking events, we can either coach dad through the menu, or cook along and show all the steps. Date, time and menu will be fully catered to your dad’s wishes. And yes, you can also book below’s menu privately.

* grillin’ it – public cooking class

Does dad loves to grill? Sign him up for this virtual cooking class where he and other dads will grill together. It will go beyond the regular burger, and yes, we will be grilling vegetables too.

We spend the first 60 minutes preparing the food (which can be done indoors for safer food handling and hand washing).
Then we grill the food, either by going outside using an outdoor grill or you can stay indoors and make use of a stove top/electric grill, griddle, and the oven.

The menu consists of dishes inspired by Middle Eastern flavors, served mezze style (think of tapas). The recipes are all sides or snacks for 2 people, but the entire menu can be enjoyed by approximately 4 people.

The menu:
Middle Eastern kebobs (lamb or chicken) with lemon tahini sauce
Lamb burgers with feta and roasted bell pepper
Pita chips with grilled baba ganoush
Grilled zucchini salad with cumin and lime
Smoky olives

Please note:
Date: Father’s Day, June 21st, 2020.
Starting time: 1 pm PST (90 minutes class)
All proceeds will be donated and split between Project New Village (local in San Diego) and the NAACP.
Yes, you can sign up multiple people if you want to tag along!

Grocery list will be send Monday, June 15th, or within 24 hours after signing up. The list will be send to the person who’s paying for the class. This way you can keep it a secret for dad if you want to. Do make sure he has the ingredients ready to cook on Father’s Day, though!

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