From campfire to air fryer: the cooking techniques explained – class

Join us for our NEW The Cooking Techniques Explained class.

In this series of 2 classes, chef Edie will give you all the info you need to understand this thing called cooking.

In the first class, chef Edie help you understand why and how we cook our food. She will teach you all about the main cooking techniques, what they are and how they are related. This class will give you a bird eye’s view on all things we call cooking.

The second class focuses on how to use the cooking techniques in your daily cooking. What tools to use and what alternatives you have. This class will show you what experienced cooks “intuitively” know, aka have learned over time by simply doing.

Why should you take this class?

From the moment our ancestors learned to cook over fire, we expanded our ways in doing so by creating (clay) pots, steel pans, ovens, crock pots and air fryers. But in essence, we still are using heat to cook.

This class is aimed to help you understand when to use what cooking technique and tool, and why. It really is simpler than it seems – especially in the way we will explain it to you.

Our promise

After this series of 2 classes, you will have a better understanding what recipes want you to do, and how you can switch things up if you want or need to. You will wonder wonder why no-one ever explained the cooking techniques in this way to you.

For who?

The Cooking Technique Explained course will give beginner cooks a kick-start in learning what cooking is all about and help overcome that “whelp, where to start”-feeling.
More experienced home cooks will love this class to help connect the dots and get a better understanding of what you are doing and why.

What you’ll learn at this cooking class

👩‍🍳 After this course you will understand what the main cooking techniques are
👩‍🍳 How to use the main cooking techniques in your own cooking
👩‍🍳 What tools you need for each cooking technique + alternatives
👩‍🍳 How the main cooking techniques are related
👩‍🍳 What alternatives you have if you want to change things up
👩‍🍳 How you can use your new found knowledge confidently and creatively in your daily cooking.

Want to join?

This is a series of 2 live interactive classes. It will be an informal lecture style, so no live cooking. You can ask chef Edie all the questions you have while she is teaching you all she knows. Sign up and choose the dates that work best for you.

Dietary preferences

Class is open for all dietary preferences, as we won’t be actually cooking.


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The cooking techniques explained (2 classes package)

The cooking techniques explained (2 classes package)


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~ Tu 10/3 ~ 5p PT

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Cooking technique class (learn more)

Chef Edie:

About your chef

This class will be taught by chef Edie Dourleijn, once a picky eater who couldn’t cook.

She documented her path to eating and cooking everything as one of the first food bloggers of her home country The Netherlands (in 2006!). To learn more quickly, she looked around for classes that would help her understand what is going on in her pots and pans, but they didn’t exist. Eventually, she ended up at culinary school.

Now chef Edie teaches her Learn to cook without recipes classes for curious cooks who want to become free of recipes. Just like she once was.

Edie also hosts all kinds of entertaining and educational virtual cooking classes to celebrate any occasion with family or friends, or as a (realteam building, receiving 5 star reviews.

Get in touch with any questions or requests you have.

What our students learned

Read all full reviews here.

What you can expect – the longer version

What the Learn to cook without recipes classes make stand out from other cooking classes, is that in each class we will focus on 1 subject only. That could be a cooking technique, an ingredient, a dish or another theme.

After you’ve signed up, you will get an email with your homework. Yes! 😉

For this class, we will ask you to think about what cooking techniques you know and how you think they are related. By thinking ahead of the class about the subject, you will take in chef Edie’s information much easier. Email any questions in advance to us, so we can make sure we can incorporate the answers in class.

We virtually open our kitchen 10 minutes before class starts, so we have some time to set up and chat a bit. Then chef Edie will introduce herself, explain the program of the class and we get to work. She won’t control if you did your homework, so no stickers from us, but being a bit prepared for the class will help you gain confidence and understand what we’re up to.


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