Sauté & Fry – cooking technique class [Feb 27]

Join us February 27th for a new and unique cooking technique class: Sauté and Fry.

When you know the main cooking techniques, you understand what you are doing and why. In this class, you will learn what the cooking techniques sauté & fry are all about, when to sauté or fry, and what ingredients you can cook this way.

Give us 90 minutes of your time on a Monday night and become a better cook who can improvise in the kitchen!
(Or watch the recording at your own convenience.)

InfoCooking technique class: saute & fry
Date & timeFebruary 27, 2023
* 5 pm PT | 8 pm ET
Type of classCooking technique & concepts class
HowOnline cooking class, using Zoom
Live & interactive
Recording will be available afterwards for 6 days

Learn all about cooking your ingredients in a skillet: Sauté & Fry

Why would I want to learn about the cooking techniques?

Becoming a more confident and creative cook all boils down to understand what is going on in your pots and pans. If you know why you are doing and how you are doing it, you can become more free of recipes. You can decide for yourself to follow the instructions or go your own way.

Part of the Learn to cook without recipes classes will be a monthly series on the main cooking techniques. In the cooking technique class Sauté & Fry we will talk cooking your ingredients in a skillet: sauté and fry.

Okay, so what is sautéing, and what is frying?

A lot of ingredients fare well by being cooked in a skillet. We add some fat to the pan and add in the ingredients. Frying is often used for large/whole ingredients and sautéing for smaller ones. That’s because sauté stems from the French languages and means “jump”. If you ever tried to toss your food in your skillet, you get why.

In the cooking technique class Sauté & Fry we will also introduce you to Mr. Maillard. This French man was the one who gave browning our ingredients its name.

Questions we will cover:

  • Why do we use high heat, and when don’t we?
  • What fat to use. How much? And.. why do we need fat?
  • What ingredients can you sauté or fry?
  • What pans to use? Do you need a cast-iron skillet or will non-stick work too?
  • What is the difference with deep-fry, shallow-fry and stir-fry?

In this class, we will discuss and cook various ingredients using these techniques, so you get an deeper understanding of when to use which, why and how to sauté and fry.

What can you expect?

What the Learn to cook without recipes classes make stand out from other cooking classes, is that in each class we will focus on 1 subject only. That could be a cooking technique, an ingredient, a dish or another theme. This is our second Cooking Technique class and we will focus on cooking your food in a skillet. Two techniques that have a lot in common, sautéing and frying, will be discussed and cooked.

After you’ve signed up, you will get an email with your homework. Yes! 😉

For this class, we will ask you to think about what you know about the sauté & fry cooking techniques. When do you use this technique, what tools do you need, what ingredients do you often sauté or fry? You also get a grocery and tools list and the Zoom link.

On Monday, February 27th, 2023 we will virtually open our kitchen 10 minutes before class starts, so we have some time to set up and chat a bit. Then chef Edie will introduce herself, explain the program of the class and we get to cook. She won’t control if you did your homework, so no stickers from us, but being a bit prepared for the class will help you gain confidence and understand what we’re up to.

After class has ended you can enjoy what you’ve cooked.

What you’ll learn

  • What the cooking techniques sautéing and frying are
  • What their differences are and what they have in common
  • What skillets work best for these cooking techniques
  • What fats you can use and how it affects flavor
  • What ingredients you can use best for which technique

Dietary preferences

Class is open to all dietary preferences, but note that meat will be cooked as a part of the program. It can be substituted. Email us your questions or let us know at signup if you have any dietary preferences.


What you’ll need

  • A stove, skillets, thongs, spatulas
  • Everyday ingredients you can get at any supermarket
  • Full grocery and tools list will be provided after signing up

About your chef

In her cooking classes, chef Edie loves to explain what happens in your pots and pans. In these 1 subject only cooking classes we will dive a bit deeper than just follow a recipe. It won’t be super science-y, but often we will do experiments so you can taste the difference between various methods, cooking techniques or seasonings. All to empower you to get a bit looser with recipes so you can come a more confident and creative cook.

Get in touch with any questions you have.

chef Edie Dourleijn, owner creative cook co, seasoned chef, cooking teacher and cooking coach - teaches you how to cook without recipes
Your chef Edie Dourleijn
owner of Creative Cook Co

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Technique class: Sauté & Fry [Feb 27]

Technique class: Sauté & Fry [Feb 27]


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