Boil, blanch and poach – cooking technique class

Boil, blanch and poach – cooking technique class

Cooking technique class on boiling, blanching and poaching.

If you really want to learn to cook without recipes, understanding the main cooking techniques will help you enormously. Even when you still feel stuck following other people’s recipes. Knowing what the main cooking techniques are all about, will help you reading and following other people’s recipes. You’ll understand what they are doing and why, but most of all, you can decide to follow their lead or not.

This cooking technique class is the first of a monthly series in which we will teach all the main cooking techniques.

Learn all about cooking your ingredients in water: boil, blanch and poach.

Why would I want to learn about the cooking techniques?

Becoming a more confident and creative cook all boils down to understand what is going on in your pots and pans. If you know why you are doing and how you are doing it, you can become more free of recipes. You can decide for yourself to follow the instructions or go your own way.

Part of the Learn to cook without recipes classes will be a monthly series of the main cooking techniques, starting with cooking your ingredients in a liquid: boiling, blanching and poaching.

Okay, so what are boiling, blanching and poaching?

Cooking in a liquid is one fastest ways to cook something, and for some ingredients the only way to cook them. You can cook a single ingredient in liquid or make a full meal by boiling all ingredients together in one pot (think of soup). But some ingredients don’t like the boiling experience and like a lower temperature, so we poach them. And others want an ice cold bath after being boiled, we call that blanching.

In this class, we will discuss and cook various ingredients using these techniques, so you get an deeper understanding of when to use which, why and how to boil, blanch and poach.

What can you expect?

What the Learn to cook without recipes classes make stand out from other cooking classes, is that in each class we will focus on 1 subject only. That could be a cooking technique, an ingredient, a dish or another theme.

On Monday, January 9th, 2023 we will kick off the Technique classes with a class on cooking in liquid. Three techniques that have a lot in common, boiling, blanching and poaching, will be discussed and cooked.

Class is open to all dietary preferences, but note that meat will be cooked as a small part of the program.

What you’ll learn

  • What the cooking techniques boiling, blanching and poaching are
  • What their differences are and what they have in common
  • What ingredients you can use best for which technique
  • What liquids you can use and how it affects flavor

What you’ll need

  • A stove with space for multiple pots
  • Multiple pots, with at least two of the same size (preferably)
  • Large bowl with lots of ice cubes
  • Cooking thermometer
  • Ingredients: vegetables and chicken breast
  • Full grocery and tools list will be provided after signing up

About your chef

In her cooking classes, chef Edie loves to explain what happens in your pots and pans. In these 1 subject only cooking classes we will dive a bit deeper than just follow a recipe. It won’t be super science-y, but often we will do experiments so you can taste the difference between various methods, cooking techniques or seasonings. All to empower you to get a bit looser with recipes so you can come a more confident and creative cook.

Feel free to get in touch with any questions you have.

chef Edie Dourleijn, owner creative cook co, seasoned chef, cooking teacher and cooking coach
Your chef Edie Dourleijn
owner of Creative Cook Co

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