Carrots cooking class [Jan 30]

Join our live, online and interactive carrots cooking class!

Knowing what you can do with an ingredient will make you a better cook, and less dependent on recipes. Take carrots, this humble often cheap ingredient can be cooked in many different ways.

Give us 90 minutes of your time on a Monday night and let us show how you can give carrots the starring role they deserve!
(Or watch the recording at your own convenience.)

InfoCarrots cooking class 🥕
Date & timeJanuary 30, 2023
* 5 pm PT | 8 pm PT
Type of classIngredient in the spotlight
HowOnline cooking class, using Zoom
Live & interactive
Recording will be available afterwards for 6 days

Let’s get carrot away!

Huh? A cooking class only about carrots?


Not only because we love carrots so much. (We do!)

But part of being able to cook without recipes is also understanding your ingredients. What are they, how are they grown or made. What can you do with them? How does your cooking technique influences their taste and texture? How can you season them?

In this live online cooking class you’ll get al the answers to these questions.

Why would I take this class?

Because you love carrots?

(Because you hate carrots and want to learn how you can replace them?)

Because you want to learn what you can do with carrots?

Because you are a curious cook and want to learn everything possible, so why not about carrots too?

What can you expect?

What the Learn to cook without recipes classes make stand out from other cooking classes, is that we won’t be simply following a recipe. Everybody else is already doing that. Instead, we will focus on 1 subject only. That could be a cooking technique, an ingredient (carrots), a dish or another theme.

On Monday, January 30th, 2023 we will kick off the series Ingredients in the spotlight with carrots. We will use different cooking techniques to cook them and taste them side by side. This way you can compare what the influence the technique has on the taste and texture of your carrots. We will talk and share our favorite seasoning and ways to use carrots, so you can learn from each other.

Class is open to all dietary preferences, and dishes can be made with meat or vegetable stock.

What you’ll learn

  • How carrots grow.
  • Why carrots are orange, and what that has to do with the Netherlands (our national color is orange, will explain!).
  • What cooking techniques you can use for carrots. Which one will be best.
  • What other vegetables, herbs and spices love carrots just as much as we do.
  • How you can replace carrots in recipes if you don’t like or have carrots.

What you’ll need

  • A stove with space for multiple pots, oven with sheet pan
  • Carrots!
  • Full grocery and tools list will be provided after signing up

About your chef

In her cooking classes, chef Edie loves to explain what happens in your pots and pans. In these 1 subject only cooking classes we will dive a bit deeper than just follow a recipe. It won’t be super science-y, but often we will do experiments so you can taste the difference between various methods, cooking techniques or seasonings. All to empower you to get a bit looser with recipes so you can come a more confident and creative cook.

Get in touch with any questions you have.

chef Edie Dourleijn, owner creative cook co, seasoned chef, cooking teacher and cooking coach - teaches you how to cook without recipes
Your chef Edie Dourleijn
owner of Creative Cook Co

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