learn to cook

In this section you can read all our food for thought when it comes to learning how to cook.

Our philosophy on what is learning to cook all about (read here). We want to help you understand what is going on in your pots and pans, and to see recipes merely as an inspiration.

That’s what we focus on in our Learn to cook (without recipes) series. In each class we will teach one single subject. That could be
~ a cooking technique,
~ an ingredient or
~ the anatomy of a dish.

Become a confident and creative cook!


More about our classes

If you’re not sure what to expect at our virtual cooking class, read this. We have laid it all out for you.

And here’s some background info on why we teach our classes in the style we are teaching them.

Or scroll down and see all articles that will help you become a more confident and creative cook.
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