The kitchen is our playground

Everyone can have fun in the kitchen!

creative cook co is here to help you have fun in the kitchen, hosting any type of corporate and private (virtual) cooking class.

chef Edie Dourleijn, owner creative cook co, seasoned chef, cooking teacher and cooking coach - teaches you how to cook without recipes


From campfire to air fryer: the cooking techniques explained!

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What are you looking for?

A fun time together

Gather (virtually) in the kitchen with your co-workers, family or friends, and have fun learning to cook a new flavorful dish.

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Private cooking parties:

Really learn to cook

Grant yourself more confidence and creativity in the kitchen, and become the cook you want to be!

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About chef Edie

chef Edie Dourleijn - owner creative cook co

Curious and creative cook Edie Dourleijn will be your class host and chef.

As a former picky eater who couldn’t cook, Edie started to document her way into learning to cook and eat everything as one of the first food bloggers of her home country The Netherlands (in 2006). To spice up her cooking and learn all that is possible in the kitchen, she attended culinary school.

This led her to develop recipes, help cookbook authors and publishers with her culinary knowledge, write articles about chefs, ingredients and other fun cooking related subjects. To help curious home cooks, she developed a cooking course filled with experiments and fun.

Now living in California, Edie continues to teach and coaches everyone who wants to have a great time being in a kitchen.

And yes, Edie adores alliterations.

The kitchen is our playground, and this is your invitation to come play with food!

~ creative chief Edie Dourleijn

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The more we know about you, the group and your expectations, the better we can help you create a memorable virtual cooking class. So please answer the questions below, and we will get back to you with our suggestions for your private / corporate virtual cooking class with us.

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