Always wanted to ask a professional chef that one question?
Want to master that one kitchen skill or cooking technique, but can’t find the perfect cooking class?
Just want to invite a professional chef to your own kitchen to cook together?
Want to learn how to cook that one meal, but don’t know where to start?

now is your chance!

Win a free customized private cooking class with chef Edie Dourleijn in your own kitchen!

what do you have to do?

Book a cooking event for 8 or more people between now and December 31th, 2019. This can be a team building event or a private event in your own kitchen.

When booking the event, let us know what you have in mind for your unique, private, customized cooking class (like these).

The most fun idea for the private customized cooking class, will be the winner.

the small letters

> The event has to be booked and the advance has to be paid before December 31th, 2019 for a valid ticket.
> The event has to take place before January 31st, 2020.
> Only events for 8 or more people are eligible to partake in this competition.
> The winner will receive an email in January 2020 with the invitation to discuss location, date and final menu. If you want to pass the class on to another person, now’s the time to tell us. The class’ theme can’t be changed.
> Winners can only claim their prize in a kitchen in San Diego county no later than March 31th, 2020. It is possible to have the class in the chef’s private kitchen in Vista.
> Winners can invite others to their private class for an additional fee. Fee to determined on location and menu.