create your own cooking class

> there’s a skill you want to master,
> a dish you’ll love to discuss with a professional chef,
> an ingredient you want to play with, or
> simply to sharpen your knife skills in the private of your own kitchen:
creative cook co is here for you!

Book your own private workshop style cooking class for yourself or with a few friends and customize the class how you want it!

how does this work?

what do you want to learn  Tell us your wishes by sending us an email. What you want to learn, and with how many people. Details on where you live and preferred date are welcome too. Via email or over the phone, we will create the 2-hour class together.

then we cook together    During this 1.5 to 2-hour workshop style class we’ll be cooking most of the time. We’ll do some light cleaning as we go. Then we leave and you can eat what we’ve cooked up.

costs   Starting from $100 for 1 person, depending on menu. Every person added costs $80.

sounds like a plan?

Send us an email with your needs, wishes and questions and we will get back to you to help you become the cook you want to be!


  • wine pairing Our sommelier can recommend pairing wines with the food for $50 + the expenses of the wines
  • cleaning up We don’t offer any cleaning services at this moment. Together we fill up the dishwasher as we go, but leave the rest for you.