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creative cook co is here to teach you all we know about cooking. We are based in San Diego North County but for now everyone in the world can enjoy our classes virtually. From our kitchen to yours! Our cooking classes are always fully hands-on and being praised for being a whole lot of fun. Check out our calendar below.

new online life cooking classes

Check out our Holiday season fun, fully interactive, virtual, life cooking classes full of Thanksgiving inspiration or a new take on your Christmas menu. Come to the class, then teach your family and friends the dishes yourself!

Intimate Thanksgiving

NOVEMBER 13th, 5-7 pm PST | online cooking class, using Zoom, 2 hour class
Now we can’t celebrate America’s biggest holiday in one room together, you still can enjoy a good meal together. For a smaller party, we’ll be cooking a turkey breast for a sand some fun sides, so you can enjoy the holiday in a smaller setting.
Great for meat (turkey) eaters. Menu is (easy to adapt to) gluten-free and dairy-free.

Thanksgiving leftovers, inspired by Turkey

NOVEMBER 27th, 5-6.30 pm PST | online cooking class, using Zoom, 1.5 hour class
You still can keep that tradition of cooking too much food and eat leftovers for days. In this class, chef Edie will share her favorite way of eating her leftovers. A hint of the theme: Turkey inspired by Turkey! (Do you get it?)
Great for meat (turkey) eaters and vegetarians. Menu is (easy to adapt to) gluten-free and dairy-free

Learn to make turkey stock

DECEMBER 4th, 5-6.30 pm PST | online cooking class, using Zoom, 1.5 hour class
Still cooked that bird and now finally want to learn how to make stock out of the bones? Sign up for this online cooking class where you will learn how to make stock in your own kitchen.
Great for meat (turkey) eaters. Menu is gluten-free and dairy-free

Dreaming of a White Christmas

DECEMBER, 11TH, 5-6.30 pm PST | online cooking class, using Zoom, 1.5 hour class
Based in San Diego, we only can dream of having a white Christmas. But why don’t we take it literally and cook an all white menu?
Great for meat (chicken) eaters, includes dairy (blue cheese), is gluten-free

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Let us know what you think of these classes! You can’t do Fridays? What starting times (now 5pm PST) would work better for you? What do you want to learn from Edie? Let us know how we can make the best interactive, online cooking classes calendar that works for you!

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  • If you can’t attend the class, email us at least 24 hours before the start of the class. We offer you the following options:
  1. We can send you the link to the recorded session, which will stay available 1 week after the class, or
  2. You can attend another class of the same worth, or
  3. You can have someone else attend virtually. We do need to know this person’s name and zoom handle. Don’t invite other people to the class without creative cook co’s written permission.
  • If you can’t attend the class, and didn’t inform us in advance to discuss on of the above options, then that class is a used ticket.
  • No refunds can be made.
  • When attending a class, pictures or screenshot can be made and used for creative cook co marketing purposes (website, social media, etc).
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Do you want to cook one of these classes privately with your family and friends, or with your colleagues? That’s possible too! Just send Edie an email to set the date!