who are you?

Creative cook co is founded by Edie Dourleijn, a native Dutch. She considers the kitchen her playground and invites everybody to come play with food. As a curious omnivore and seasoned cooking instructor, Edie knows how to make the kitchen a safe and fun environment for everybody.
For larger groups, Edie hires chefs from her network to join her in the kitchen.

what do you do?

Creative cook co offers all kinds of cooking classes. During the covid-19 pandemic we come to your kitchen virtually with our online cooking classes and events.

When we can get to normal, we offer our classes all over San Diego county (or you can fly me in to wherever you live!). From intimate private classes to larger team building events.
Have a look at our:
* team building / corporate event page
* for smaller / private parties we have different options you can choose from
* and if there’s something you want to learn from a professional chef, we’ll come to your kitchen and cook it with you too.

do you offer public cooking classes?

At this moment, we don’t. But we are working on it. Sign up for our mailing list to be the first to get all the details.
You can always invite us into your own kitchen where we can teach you what you want to learn in the private of your own home.

where’s your kitchen?

During the covid-19 pandemic, we will invite you virtually in our (home)kitchen and have you cook along in your own practicing social distancing.

For smaller, private events and classes, we will come to your (home) kitchen.
For bigger team building cooking events we have a network of kitchens in San Diego county that we can rent. From small and personal, to professional chef’s kitchens full stainless steel. We even can cook together on a farm.
If you’re outside San Diego county and want to work with us: just send us an email to discuss the details.

how much do the cooking classes cost?

That totally depends on your wishes and the type of class or event. Have a look at what we offer and see what the starting price is.
Depending on the menu and add-ons like wine/beer paring, the location, etc, a surcharge will be added. This way you have full control over the price.

what do we cook?

What you want to eat! đŸ˜‰
We love to cook with seasonal products, organic meat and dairy and enjoy giving vegetables the starring role. We consider ourselves curious omnivores and love to explore new cuisines.
Have a look at our seasonal menu example page to mix and match and personalize your menu.

Did you know, we also post recipes and tell stories about our class on our blog?

how about dietary restrictions?

If we know them in advance, we always will accommodate, whether you or people in your party are vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy free or have other restrictions. We will always check-in with you about dietary wishes during the booking process.
[Since we don’t own the kitchens we cook in, make sure to notify us in advance, so we don’t have to improvise last minute and therefor can’t guarantee a satisfying substitution.]
Note: Although we can leave them out of our menu, we can not guarantee that certain allergens (like gluten, wheat, nuts) were not used in the (rental) kitchen before.

do you offer free cooking classes?

Sorry, we don’t. We also need to pay our rent, food and health insurance.
If you want to cooperate for fund raising, send us an email to explain what you’re looking for.

how can we pay?

You can pay cash, with a check or use Zelle. We accept credit card payment through Square.

do you offer private chef or catering services?

The short answer: no. We simply prefer to cook with you, instead of for you.
If you’re looking for a private chef or caterer for a party or on a regular basis to cook dinner for you, we might have someone available within our network. Email us to inquire.

what’s your fine print?

You can read the fine print here.

I have another question

Just send us an email and we’ll do our best to answer it.