Corona / Covid-19 information

Due to the current Corona / Covid-19 pandemic, we are now offering our cooking classes & events online.

Book a private virtual cooking event with your family, best friends, your team at work or any other group you can think off. Cook together apart!

We are also filling our recipes page with even more tips and tricks to cook at home. Sign up for our mailing list to get all recipes straight in your mailbox.

Come together in one kitchen again

In addition, you can contact us to schedule your next team outing or family get together for after the pandemic. That way we have it all set up and only need to set a date.

When we are allowed together all in 1 kitchen again, there are multiple ways to organize a fun time in the kitchen. Contact us to start planning so we can have it organized and ready to go when we are able to gather in 1 kitchen again.

For larger groups, have a look at this page.

Possibilities for couples, smaller groups or even private one-on-one lessons are explained here.