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cooking classes and events

creative cook co is here to help you have fun in the kitchen. We are specialized in cooking and culinary events. This could be in the private of your own home, at a rental kitchen or online. Our cooking classes are always fully hands-on and being praised for being a whole lot of fun.

virtual cooking classes and events

If there is one thing that the Covid-19 outbreak taught us, is that virtual cooking experiences are here to stay. We believe you learn more about cooking if you are doing it yourself, in your own kitchen with your own tools. Therefor we designed our unique ongoing Taste & Technique cooking course, and will continue to offer corporate and private cooking parties virtually.

private cooking parties

If you want to play with us in your own kitchen, with the class catered towards your need, simply invite us into your kitchen. Either in person (in San Diego county) or virtual with your family and friends from all over the world. Click on the following options to learn more about it.

couples cooking Look no further for fun date night in your own kitchen. Our 4-course love menu is our biggest hit for in person classes, but we can cook up any menu you want. You know this is the best gift for your significant other.

cooking party Expand the fun and have your entire family or friends play in the kitchen with you at a cooking class in your own home. We cook what you want to learn and together we prepare a great 4-course meal that you’re all gonna love. Host a cooking class in your own home.

team building & team bonding

team building or larger groups You want to do a private cooking class with a group that is too big for your kitchen? We have tons of experience in those too. We’ve written down some thoughts


help, I’m hosting a dinner party!  See this is as your test run. We can help you plan the menu, test-cook the recipes with you and teach you how to host your dinner party like a pro. You know it’ll be worth it!

something else?

something else? Just send us an email with your thoughts and wishes and we’ll cook up something fun together.