about us

Edie Dourleijn considers the kitchen to be her playground and invites everybody to play along with her.

creative cook co is founded by Edith Dourleijn.
Edie is a cooking coach and helps you rule your kitchen. She teaches cooking classes and coaches you to change your current cooking and eating habits into a healthy, cheaper and more fun lifestyle for you and your family.

That’s quite the change from being a picky eater that only could make a grilled cheese, right? It was only after she left home for college, that Edie started to cook. Failed a lot, but sometimes she created something edible.

To learn everything possible about cooking, she attended culinary school and started to teach home cooks all the great things she had learned there. From private one-on-one lessons to larger team building events or private cooking parties, Edie wants everyone to have a great time in the kitchen.

As one of the first food bloggers in her home country The Netherlands, Edie also writes about food and creates recipes for cookbooks (for examples, see our recipe filled blog) and proof read cookbooks. The latter only in her native Dutch.

A new part of her business is the cooking coaching. This is Edie’s way of helping and mentoring people who want to make a lifelong change to spend more quality time in their kitchen. Healthy and good tasting homemade food are not only cheaper, the kitchen is also the place to create lifelong memories that your family will cherish. 

Edie in short

  • Dutch native, now living in Southern California
  • Loves cooking with vegetables, inspired by Mediterranean cuisines
  • Set up a cooking course full of experiments to teach students what’s going on in their pots and pans
  • Was one of the first food bloggers of her home country The Netherlands
  • Is a curious omnivore, that hates food waste


Since we spend a lot of time in the kitchen, email is the best way to contact us.
Or leave a message at 760-705-4095 (Google voice).

volunteer with our cooking classes

Do you love to talk about food as much as you love to cook? Or simply want to learn a bit more about cooking for free? Come volunteer at creative cook co’s cooking classes and make our kitchen your playground! Click here for more info!

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