creative cook co is here to help you become a more confident and creative cook.

We are specialized in cooking classes and culinary events in San Diego and North County. All our events are always fully hands-on, educational if needed and praised for being a lot of fun. Every cuisine, all dietary restrictions and veggies in their starring role, that’s how we like to cook, either in your kitchen or in one of the many kitchens within our network.

how do we help you?

let’s play with food

team building

The team building your colleagues will rave about. Join us in the kitchen and play with your food, competition or cooperative style!

a chef in your kitchen

private classes

A fun date night or cooking party in your own kitchen. Or book your personalized cooking class with us to learn what you want!

become a confident cook

cooking coach

We believe everybody can learn and make time to cook fresh homemade meals. You only need to find your way of doing so.