Let’s have fun in the kitchen!

Whether you are looking for an thrilling team building event, a cheerful cooking party with family and friends, or are looking for a confidence boost for your own cooking, creative cook co is here to help you have fun in the kitchen.

Chef Edie Dourleijn and her team will make you feel at home in the kitchen while cooking (virtually) together our fun to make, healthy-ish and inclusive recipes that you will make over and over again. With tons of enthusiasm, sprinkled in cooking knowledge and an eye for everyone cooking along, you will learn new tricks and tips and have a whole lotta laughter together. It will definitely give you, your team or family and friends a creative, cohesive and confidence boost.

Come play in the kitchen with us!

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Who do we love to to cook with?

corporate cooking

team building with chef Edie
Gather in the kitchen (virtually) for a competitive or cooperative cooking event. Have fun with your co-workers. Definitely a fun morale boost! More info.

couples, family & friends

virtual cooking party with chef Edie
Cook together with chef Edie a great home cooked meal, learn new skills and have a fun time with your family and friends. In person or virtual. Check our suggestions.

learning to cook

become the cook you want to be and join our unique ongoing online cooking course Technique & Taste. Or book a (few) cooking coach sessions with chef Edie, and become a more confident and creative cook.

What we cook

Every season, we create a fun and inclusive menu for all types for in-person and virtual cooking classes and events. We cook up suggestions for various dietary preferences, so everyone can enjoy the same cooking experience. Or tell us what ingredients, dishes or influences you like and we create a special menu for you.

About chef Edie

As a former picky eater who studied sociology, cooking coach and chef Edie Dourleijn knows what home cooks experience in the kitchen.

From the absolute beginner who never heard of zesting an orange to someone who is a confident sous-vide cook, Edie found her way in the kitchen like many home cooks. Then she went beyond. Culinary school and moving to California made her change careers from science to coaching everyone who wants to enjoy being in a kitchen.

And yes, Edie adores alliterations.

The kitchen is our playground, and this is your invitation to come play with food!

Chef Edie Dourleijn

How to book your next private or corporate cooking class

How it works to book a cooking class with creative cook co


They have cooked with us, and raved:

“So, if you are looking for something fun to do for a special occasion, birthday, or a way to spice up your quarantine, absolutely book an evening with Edie!”

“Edie’s email communication with us leading up to the class was exceptional.”

“Each household had Edie as a private cooking coach right on their screen! She was charming, attentive, and very patient—providing tips, checking in with each kitchen, and letting us ask all the questions we wanted.”

“I highly recommend Edie’s virtual class if your friends, family or co-workers want to feel connected, need a morale boost, or want to celebrate a special occasion. We had a blast, lots of laughs, and it made my son’s birthday very special despite the social distancing!”

“We had a fantastic time with Edie and are looking forward to our next class with her!”

Read all our reviews here.

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You want something else?

Consider the above mere suggestions. Reach out and let us know what you have in mind and we create a fun cooking class with and for you.

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