creative cook co is here to help you become a more confident and creative cook.

We are specialized in cooking and culinary events in San Diego and North County. All our events are hands-on, educational if needed and always a lot of fun. We can come to your kitchen or come together in a kitchen within our network.

how do we help you?

cooking events Whether you want to learn something in the kitchen or just want to host a fun event, we can help you! We have a large network of kitchens we can rent, but for smaller events we can also come to your home. Our cooking classes are always fully hands-on and are praised for being a lot of fun. 
Click here to learn about the possibilities of having cooking lessons in your own kitchen or how we can help you organize your off-site or team building event in the kitchen.

cooking coaching  If you like a more personal and quicker approach, consider hiring us as your personal cooking coach. We believe everybody can learn and make time to cook fresh homemade meals. You only need to find your way of doing so and we can help you with that. Make that change in your life.

cooking classes and events

creative cook co is here to help you have fun in the kitchen. We are specialized in cooking and culinary events on location. This could be in the private of your own home, at a rental kitchen or anywhere else. Our cooking classes are always fully hands-on and being praised for being a whole lot of fun.

cooking events in your own home

If you want to play with us in your own kitchen, with the class catered towards your need, simply invite us into your kitchen. Click on the following options to learn more about it.

couples cooking Look no further for fun date night in your own kitchen. Our 4-course love menu is our biggest hit, but we can cook up any menu you want. You know this is the best gift for your significant other.

cooking party Expand the fun and have your entire family or friends play in the kitchen with you at a cooking class in your own home. We cook what you want to learn and together we prepare a great 4-course meal that you’re all gonna love. Host a cooking class in your own home.

team building

team building or larger groups You want to do a private cooking class with a group that is too big for your kitchen? We have tons of experience in that too. We’ve written down some thoughts


help, I’m hosting a dinner party!  See this is as your test run. We can help you plan the menu, test-cook the recipes with you and teach you how to host your dinner party like a pro. You know it’ll be worth it!

something else?

something else? Just shoot us an email with your thoughts and wishes and we’ll cook up something fun together. 

team building

Teambuilding events that everybody loves to attend, that are all about working and being together, and conclude with a home-cooked sit-down meal; those can only be found in a kitchen.

how does it work?

We at creative cook co are the best at organizing and hosting corporate team building events, off sites or larger social gatherings. As long as they take place in a kitchen. 

planning  You start with shooting us an email with your thoughts, questions, and wishes. Tell us what you have in mind, for how many people, on what preferred date and what your budget is. We will get back to you, via email or phone, to discuss the possibilities.

type of event  There are many ways to play in the kitchen and we like to propose either a cooperative or a more competitive style of cooking event.
At the cooperative cooking event, the group works in teams to prepare the dishes together. This can be a 3 or 4-course menu, or a tapas style dinner composed of all kinds of small bites.
When you choose the competitive cooking event, the group competes in teams to create their signature version of a dish (appetizer or dessert). The rest of the dinner will be prepared by creative cook co.

the event itself After we have discussed all the details, you tell your group when and where to show up. We make sure we have everything prepared for a fun event.
After a short introduction, we cook for approximately 1 hour. Then you’ll sit down and enjoy a 3 or 4-course meal. During the cooperative cooking event, the teams that prepared a course will introduce it to the rest of the group. And in case you opted for the competitive cooking event, we’ll announce the winner of the competition during dessert.
And no worries, we will do the dishes.

Sounds like fun? Send us an email with your wishes. We love to hear from you and help you create the social event that your colleagues, family or friends will rave about.

more info

location  We have several options for rental kitchens in North County and San Diego. From small and intimate to larger and more industrial spaces. We even can cook on a farm!

add-ons  Can be anything from pairing wine or beer, chef hats, aprons, customized recipe sheets and prizes for the competition.

costs Starting from $75 per person for a 3-hour event or a minimum of $750. Total costs are depending on group size, location, menu, drinks, and add-ons.
Pricing does not include service charge or tax.

Interested? Or do you want something else? Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll go from there.

cooking party

The most fun way to entertain your party, is to invite your family and friends for a cooking class in your own kitchen. We cook what you want to learn and we put together a great 4-course meal or a tapas-style small bites dinner that you’re all gonna love.

how does this work?

planning  You start with shooting us an email with your thoughts, questions, and wishes. Tell us what you have in mind, for how many people, on what preferred date and what your budget is. We will get back to you, via email or phone, to discuss the possibilities.

choose the menu  Via email or over the phone, we will create a menu together. You can choose from any of the existing classes or we can set up a unique menu catered to your wishes and dietary restrictions. We usually go for a 4-course meal, but the most favorite option is our small bites menu that allows for a more informal type of dinner party.

Once we have a date and a menu, we will send you a shopping list for you to do the groceries.

cook & enjoy  We cook for 1 to 1.5 hours and then you sit down to enjoy the food. Every course, you help plate the dish. We will fill the dishwasher while we cook and leave when you start with your dessert.

costs  Starting from $75 per person, total costs depend on group size, location, and menu. + 50 cents per mile to locations 10 miles away from us.

Send us an email and include your thoughts, questions and wishes, as well as the group size and the prefered date. We will get back to you by email or phone to discuss the possibilities.

add ons

  • shopping  If you want us to do the shopping, an extra fee of $75 + the expenses of the groceries will be added.
  • Wine pairing  Our sommelier can recommend pairing wines with the food for $50 + the expenses of the wines
  • cleaning up  We only offer cleaning services for groups over 10 people at this moment. Ask about this when we discuss the menu.

about us

creative cook co is founded by Edith Dourleijn. Edie is a cooking coach and helps you rule your kitchen. She teaches cooking classes and coaches you to change your current cooking and eating habits into a healthy, cheaper and more fun lifestyle for you and your family.

That’s quite the change from being a picky eater that only could make a grilled cheese, right? It was only after she left home for college, that she started to cook. Failed a lot, but sometimes she created something edible. To learn everything possible about cooking, she attended culinary school and started to teach home cooks all the great things she had learned there.

A new part of her business is the cooking coaching. This is Edie’s way of helping and mentoring people who want to make a lifelong change to spend more quality time in their kitchen. Healthy and good tasting homemade food are not only cheaper, the kitchen is also the place to create lifelong memories that your family will cherish. 

Edie considers the kitchen to be her playground and invites everybody to play along with her.


Since we spend a lot of time in the kitchen, email is the best way to contact us.

volunteer with our cooking classes

Do you love to talk about food as much as you love to cook? Or simply want to learn a bit more about cooking for free? Come volunteer at creative cook co’s cooking classes and make our kitchen your playground! Click here for more info!